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Rating Area
General Liability
Coverage for an insured when negligent acts and/or omissions result bodily injury and/or property damage on the premises of a business resulting in damage or destruction of another party’s property or bodily injury to that party.
Workers Compensation
Coverage providing four types of benefits (medical care, death, disability, rehabilitation) for employee job- related injuries or diseases as a matter of right (without regard to fault).
Indemnifies an insured whose property is stolen, damaged or destroyed by a covered peril, including specified or scheduled property.
Inland Marine
Indemnifies loss to moving or movable property and typically includes Builders Risk, Contractors Equipment, Accounts Receivable, Computer Coverage, FineArts, Transportation, Trip Transit, Valuable Papers, Scheduled Property, Motor Truck Cargo, and many others.
Business Auto
Coverage for Automobiles used by a Business when a liability judgment arises out of the use of the Automobile or the Automobile is subject to damage or destruction.

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